Client Testimonials

Luana Scherzberg provides an excellent assessment of the vitality of organs that she measures with the non-invasive biofeedback device, the Biopulsar. I have personally experienced a bioimaging session with Ms. Scherzberg in which she was able to give me a clear and accurate energetic analysis. I was impressed by her knowledge and the various complementary suggestions she made that would assist in my own well-being and vitality. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is interested in learning more about the mind-body connection.
Joseph I. Florea, M.D., NMCB
Glendale, CA

I had an energy assessment session with Luana, where I experienced her work and the capabilities of the the Biopulsar biofeedback system. I found interesting the fact that the Biopulsar accurately picked up the current energy pattern I was in at that time. Being a medical intuitive myself and very much aware of the fluctuations of my own energy system, I concluded that the assessment of the machine was correct and was impressed by this technology. In addition, Luana's interpretation and discussion of the findings was very clear and useful. She provided practical advice in regard to changes to be implemented in order to obtain a more optimal body energy status.
I found the experience with the Biopulsar complementary to other methods of energy assessment, and a useful guiding tool to optimizing wellness and vitality.
Dr. Liliana Cerepnalkoski,  Medical Intuitive
Los Angeles, CA

"Not only is bioimaging one of the most accurate readings I have ever experienced, but the information the session gave me opened my eyes to things that were swimming (unacknowledged) in the back of my mind that suddenly became front and center. Luana is a gentle messenger with intuitive and insightful gifts. I plan on doing this at least twice a year."
Amy Swift Crosby, Founder of Smarty and brand specialist

"What impressed me the most about working with Luana and her marvelous energy diagnostic tool was her genuine concern for helping others. She uses this new instrument as it was intended - to help others improve their lives."
Gene Massey Chairman/CEO

Luana is magical. Her ability to see through you is an awesome experience. She hit the nail on the head each time she spoke. The remedies she offers to enhance your wellbeing are from her heart and core and really resonated with me.
Sarah Shaw

Be ready for Luana to know you as well as you think you know yourself and be ready to know yourself a little better after a bioimaging session with her. A must try for everyone on the planet.
Barbra Horowitz, Closet Therapy - Transform your wardrobe, Transform your self.

My session with Luana was astonishingly right on about my wellbeing, physically and mentally, and what direction would be most valuable in my business. The reflection that Luana got from the Biopulsar has been most beneficial in my life and has made a big difference.  Following the suggestions that came out of the session, my energy and movement in my life and business have been noticeably improved. Luana has such insight! I would highly recommend a bioimaging session to anyone who wants to better themselves on all levels.
Judy Taylor, President - Life Source International Inc.

Seeing Luana was an incredible experience. She told me things about myself that I was not aware of. One of the things that she suggested for me to do was taking care of my weight problem. I listened to her advice and now, minus 50lbs later, I feel incredible. I would definitely recommend her to anybody that needs her coaching.
Ramona Bilancsuk, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dear Luana,
The first time I had one of your bioimaging sesssions, you saw that my throat chakra was shut down and told me I needed to use my creative and communicative gifts to share my experiences with others. I had already been feeling pushed in this direction, but your confirmation was just the inspiration I needed.
Shortly after that I began a monthly gathering called, A Sunday of Joy, which gave me a platform to help others by sharing my wisdom and experience.
The ongoing healing sessions with you helped me through chemo-therapy and the pain of the surgery that followed. Your sensitivity is so acute, you seem to know exactly what was going on in my body, my mind and my heart. Beyond the Biopulsar, you possess remarkable psychic and healing gifts which you shared with me during our sessions.
You always present the information you receive in a positive and constructive light which is very important to your clients. So I always feel encouraged and inspired by your suggestions and insights. I have recommended you to my friends because the work you do is on the cutting edge of healing and diagnostic techniques.
Thank you for all your help,
Joy Mitchell, Astrology, Author, Metaphysical Minister
Encino, CA

Luana gives clear and direct strategies on how to take your life to the next level of personal and professional growth. The bioimaging sessions I had with her brought invaluable insight on how I have spent my energy and the reasons why. She is a terrific energy diagnostician who was able to guide my attention to well being and my professional success, and I highly recommend her work to others.
Aristide Buhoiu, Royal Estate Properties
Los Angeles, CA

I am consistently astounded by the accuracy of the Biopulsar! I have found it to be extremely helpful when I am concerned about any physical issue. Luana Scherzberg also has a unique talent that allows her to incorporate her intuitive ability with the energetic readings to provide information that goes far beyond the mere physical. She is able to discuss emotional issues, spiritual growth, influences from the past, as well as insights for the future. Her approach is direct, yet gentle and I am repeatedly amazed by her pin-point accuracy! This should be a part of everyone's total health program.
Jo Carey, former Events Coordinator, Bodhi Tree Bookstore
West Hollywood, CA

My chakra reading with Luana was an amazing experience. It's incredible the energy she exudes. I loved and was surprised by how focused and accurate the session was. It's a powerful experience to hear from Luana about your energy and realize the impact it has on your mind and body. It's given me a greater awareness of what I need to work on or accomplish both internally and externally to live a more authentic life. When I learned about how I was spending or holding onto my energy it gave me something back that I didn't know I needed, the ability to let it all go. It has definitely helped me focus and fine tune my thoughts when faced with obstacles and choices to be the best I can be physically and mentally. Luana has such a remarkable gift and it's such a fun experience. I wouldn't miss a chance to connect with her! I'm so grateful that you opened my eyes to this energy! Thank you!
Amy Schuber-Ladies Who Launch Leader, Orange County, President

Luana was able to show me things that were so spot-on it gave me chills! I was a skeptic, but Luana was so insightful and caring, it made me a total believer. I can't wait to do it again. Luana was able to show and tell me things I could never have imagined you can tell from a picture of clouded rainbow colors.
Nicole, President, Yellow Box Beauty

Luana Scherzberg's work with Bioimaging is empowering, accurate, and fascinating. I highly recommend this experience.
Rhobbin Alexis, Author, Healer
Los Angeles, CA

The Biopulsar is an amazing piece of technology! It shows you how the energy flows in your body and where your blockages are. It's like consulting an acupuncturist - except here you see the information in colour, on a screen. I would recommend it to anybody who really wants to understand their body and how it can be healed.
Luana Scherzberg is a superb counsellor and life-coach. She has a deep understanding of the human heart and a gentle manner, grounded in compassion and respect for the individual. Her approach is holistic, embracing all aspects of the human being. If you are blocked or want to move forward, she can help you.

Alexander Gifford, Professor of English, Scriptwriter
London, UK

Luana has an amazing intuitive gift, which in combination with the Biopulsar has given me a wealth of information about my physical, emotional and mental states in our sessions together. She has brought issues to my attention that I was not even aware of at the time of the session but later came to fruition. The information has helped me identify areas of my health and life that needed attention. The readings allowed me to more accurately direct my healthcare providers in their treatment plans. Luana is direct, yet open and gentle which helps to establish a bond that creates an atmosphere of relaxation during the session that facilitates an accurate reading. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to explore how energetic, physiological and biological states influence their health and life.
Kelley Alvarado, Dreamworks Animation

The Bioimaging session I had with Luana Scherzberg was an interesting experience for me. I was intrigued to see the colors of my energy field, and I was impressed by Luana's comprehensive interpretation. She helped me learn more about myself from a perspective I have not approached before. Luana's knowledge of energy medicine is vast and impressive, and her coaching approach was incredibly kind, nonjudgmental and compassionate. She taught me how to set intentions for the things in life I really want, and helped me learn new ways of seeing things. I highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in knowing more about their energy field and about themselves.
Robert Justinian Stefan, Ricoh
Los Angeles, CA

I was very surprised by the reading I had with Luana. I did not expect that this session would bring up things from my past, present, and future conditions in my life, whether it would be physical or emotional changes that are taking place or that will take place based on my current situation. I found the bioimaging session very helpful in my life. It was so informative that I would definitely recommend a reading with Luana to anyone interested in their growth process.
Rachel Torres, Louis Vuitton
Los Angeles, CA

Luana Scherzberg is simply phenomenal at what she does! I go there with a lot of questions in my head and I come out with so much clarity and excitement from the things she says based on my energy vibrations. I don't totally understand how it all works but what I do know is that when she speaks, it feels as though a message is being sent to me from a Higher Energy Field. She gets right to the point and encourages me to utilize my highest potential! Luana and Bioimaging Consulting is a must experience for everyone seeking clarity and hope and are open to receive answers!
Emma Tiebens, The Relational Marketer

I have worked with Luana Scherzberg as part of a healing team and also with her doing consultations for me personally. She and the Biopulsar system are amazing. In both cases it helps to clearly see what's happening to the person being treated and to know where the energetic blocks are in order to remove them. Luana has the personal gift to see these blocks and then to verify her findings with the Biopulsar. Luana is a gracious individual who clearly communicates her sincere interest in helping others in their healing process.
R. Morgan Harwith, Attorney
Los Angeles, CA

Luana is using a wonderful combination of intuition and knowledge of human nature to help people to become more aware of their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Whatever she told me, it proved to be true, even months after my session with her.
Ileana Rizescu, Finance Systems, Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA

I was very impressed with the constructive findings regarding health and general wellness from the bioimaging sessions I had with Luana Scherzberg. They pinpointed valuable insights to some of the issues I had with my thyroid and digestion, and to some emotional aspects, which she seems to have an uncanny ability to discern from these readings. I appreciate her warmth and admire her genuine interest and professionalism that she brings to her work. I highly recommend her bioimaging sessions.
Roshan Motivala, Fotokem
Burbank, CA

I am by nature a skeptic, and a stubborn one at that. However, thanks to Luana Scherzberg and her extraordinary abilities as a medical intuitive and coach, I am without a doubt a true believer. Luana has always been accurate in her assessment of my physical energies and their core life issues. For example, without any knowledge of my medical history, she recommended that I work on my hip and neck flexibility. My two problem areas for the past 10 years: my hips and neck. Luana's work is "bulls-eye" accurate, and her services are rooted professionalism, service, and compassion. Her recommendations have had a dramatic and positive impact on my life, and she can do the same for anyone lucky enough to cross her path.
Larry Urish, Writer, OC Register Metro

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The information provided during a consultation on the Aurastar 2000™ and/or the Biopulsar Reflexograph® biofeedback system is intended to compliment, not replace, the advice of your own physician and/or other health care professional. Always consult with your doctor about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or ceasing any medication, course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.